About the Niigata Manga Competition

– Creating the opportunity to show off works of professionals and amateurs
– Sharing and spreading the fun of creating manga
– Promoting Niigata as the Land of Manga and supporting Niigata’s manga culture

When you hear “Niigata,” what comes to mind?

Everyone knows Niigata has rice, sake, snow, the sea, mountains and so on – a place where you can really feel each of the seasons – but did you know that Niigata also has manga that is worth boasting about?

From super famous artists to young creators whose works are published in periodicals, there are many people that will surprise you as being from Niigata!

So, why is there a manga contest in Niigata?

In addition to all of the well-known manga artists that have come out of Niigata, the city is also teeming with creative amateur talent that get to show off their works at GataKet, a large-scale doujinshi manga market that even draws in people from surrounding prefectures including Yamagata, Fukushima, Tochigi, and Toyama. Every year, the area swells with energy as fans flood into the events center, check out works of their favorite doujinshi creators, and wear their cosplay outfits.

Additionally, in 1997, Niigata held the Japan Lifelong Learning Festival Manabi Pia Niigata ’97 and with that started the movement to support manga culture from Niigata City. In the following year of 1998, the Niigata Manga Competition came to be held every year.

Then, since 2011, a large event called the Niigata Anime and Manga Festival (aka “Gatafes”) has been held in Niigata City.

In 2012, Niigata City opened two information transmission bases, the Niigata Manga Animation Museum and the Niigata City Manga House, and likewise is putting forth effort to disseminate manga and anime culture.

Currently, Niigata City is holding classes taught by professionals, such as the Children’s Manga Class and more, and is putting their energy into developing the next generation.


What is so great about the Niigata Manga Competition?

That magazine editor! That manga artist! They are the ones who judge your beloved works.

There are a number of applicants, who by applying, had their works seen by the judges and made their debut as a professional manga creator.

To learn more about the judges click here(Japanese language only).

The 27th Niigata Manga Competition

These are the application guidelines for general, junior or senior high school student, primary school student, and one-page manga entries.
*Guidelines for webtoon entries are posted on another page.

Entry Period:

August 1 (Thur.) to September 24 (Tue.), 2024
*Digital works must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (JST)

Entry Conditions and Rules
  • Only original works that have not yet been published are eligible (works that have been published in Dojinshi books or fanzines are eligible).
  • Dialogue and narration all must be written in Japanese.
  • Each person can enter up to five works per category.
  • Works that have been entered into other competitions can be submitted if they have not won any awards. However, please refrain from having the same work in another competition at the same time.
  • Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to enter.
Important Notes
  • Be sure to read through these guidelines before submitting your work. By completing your entry, you hereby agree to the Guidelines for Applicants.
  • The copyright ownership of the submitted works will remain that of the author. However, the author shall allow the organizer to use all or a part of the works free of charge for the following:
    1. Publications or PR materials produced by the organizer
    2. Publishing in electronic media (the internet, etc.) managed or approved of by the organizer
    3. When you write under a pen name, all publications, such as the results announcement and the anthology, will be published under your pen name.
  • All works will be returned. (Data for digital works will not be sent back.)
  • Please note that because (all or part of) winning works will be included in the  purchasable anthology, displayed in exhibitions, posted on the official website, and used for other competition purposes, they will be returned around June of the following year.
  • Regarding cash prizes, in the case that the winner is underage, consent from a parent or guardian is required to receive them.
  • The organizing committee secretariat may contact you at the request of a publishing company involved as a judge in the competition.
  • The organizing committee secretariat may send you information related to future Niigata City manga projects.
Entry Fee

Free of charge

Categories and Prizes

【Niigata Manga Grand Prize】
1 person    300,000 yen grand prize
【Children’s Niigata Manga Grand Prize】
1 person    20,000 yen book gift card
* Chosen from the primary school students’ category.
* If the Niigata Manga Grand Prize winner was chosen from the primary school students’ category, the Children’s Niigata Manga Grand Prize will not be awarded.
【Other Awards】

Types of Manuscripts and their Submission

Manuscript Requirements

【Analog Manuscripts】

  • Manuscript size is to be B4 or A4.
  • The title page is included in the total number of pages. Number the pages at the bottom of each page.
  • The manuscript should be formatted to read from right to left (bound on the right), with the first page falling on the left side of an open book.
  • Use manga manuscript paper or kent paper, and submit the original manuscripts. (Copies are not accepted.)
  • Do not glue or otherwise affix the entry form to the manuscripts. When you submit more than one work, write the work’s title on the back of each page.
  • Use India ink or fountain pen ink made for drawing.
  • Works in color are accepted. However, if they are included in the anthology, they will be printed in black and white.
  • Write all dialogue and narration in pencil clearly and legibly

【Digital Manuscripts】

  • Manuscript size is to be B4 or A4.(For 600 dpi, A4 size is 4961 x 7016 pixels, and B4 size is 6071 x 8598 pixels.)
  • The title page is included in the total number of pages. Number the pages at the bottom of each page (outside of cropped or finished border).
  • The manuscript should be formatted to read from right to left (bound on the right), with the first page falling on the left side of an open book.
  • The resolution must be over 600 dpi for monochrome and over 350 dpi for colored works.
  • If you draw in monochrome, use black-and-white or grayscale.
  • Works in color are accepted. However, if they are included in the anthology, they will be printed in black and white.
  • Include all text, including the title and dialogue, in the digital manuscript.
  • Merge all layers, including the text layer, into one layer before submitting.
  • Manuscripts must have crop marks and cropped (finished) borders.
  • If you are submitting via mail or in person, print your manuscript on manga manuscript paper, or kent paper.

How to Submit Works

【To Submit via Mail or in Person (Residents of Japan only)】

  1. Fill out an entry form. An entry form is required for each work.
    >Download Entry Form
  2. After completing your manuscript according to the requirements, mail it in along with the entry form. If submitting it in person, go to the address listed below.
    Regardless if you bring it in or mail it, manuscripts will be returned to you, so be sure to include a stamped envelope with the return address written on it. If a stamped return envelope is not enclosed, the manuscripts will be mailed to you using “cash on delivery,” which can be expensive.
    Write the name of the title of the work in red on the backside of both the return envelope and the envelope used to submit the work.
  3. Where to Submit
    Niigata Manga Competition Office, Niigata Manga House
    Address:6-971-7 Furumachi-dori, Chuo Ward, Niigata City 951-8063
    Hours:11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    (When a national holiday falls on Wednesday, it is closed the next weekday instead)

【To Submit Digital Works Electronically】

  1. Manuscripts
    Complete the manuscripts according to the digital manuscript requirements.
    Any software can be used but it must be saved as a JPG or PDF file and submitted according to the following steps.
    (1)Upload to a File Sharing Service
    ・Use a file uploading or sharing service such as firestorage or Google Drive.
    ・Compress the data of the work into a ZIP file before upload. Name the file “(work’s title).zip” using only single-byte lower-case alphanumeric characters.
    ・Set the expiration period to be at least seven days long.
    (2)Make a note of the upload URL (and the password if you set one).
    (3)Click the “>Entry Form for Digital Works” below and fill out the necessary personal information and the upload URL.
  2. Confirmation Notice
    ・The Niigata City Manga House will send an automatic e-mail from niigata-mangataisyou@nmam.jp confirming your registration. Registration is complete when you receive that e-mail. Be sure to check your e-mail.
    ・If you do not receive an e-mail, it may be because it was flagged as spam by your e-mail software or service settings so please check your spam folder and settings.
    ・If you still have not received an e-mail, there is a chance your entry was not completed. In that case, e-mail the registration account (niigata-mangataisyou@nmam.jp) with your question.
    ・You may be contacted for more information in days following your application if your entry information is incomplete.
    ・Digital entries will be handled by the Niigata City Manga House

>Entry Form for Digital Works

Results Announcement

Results will be announced in November 2024 on the Niigata Manga Competition website.
(Winners will be contacted directly by the Organizing Committee Office.)

Other Information

  • Upon notice of results, the winners of each category will be asked to submit a profile and comments   to be included in the anthology.
  • The awards ceremony is planned to be held in Niigata City around February 2025.
  • Certificates and prizes will be awarded at the ceremony. In the event that you cannot attend the ceremony, you will be contacted about the handling of your prizes.

Organaizers & Contact


Niigata Manga Competition Organizing Committee
(City of Niigata, Gataket Inc., JAM Japan Animation and Manga College, and Kaishi Professional University Anime and Manga Department)


Office of the Niigata Manga Competition Organizing Committee
Cultural Policy Division, Niigata City Office
5th floor, Furumachi Refuru, 7-1010 Furumachi-dori, Chuo Ward, Niigata City 951-8554, JAPAN

TEL:025-226-2566(From outside Japan: +81-25-226-2566)
FAX:025-226-0066(From outside Japan: +81-25-226-0066)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ regarding Application

What language support is available?
Details of the competition and FAQ are available in Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. However, all correspondence and the entry form are available in only Japanese and English. As for the entry works, they should be in Japanese with the title in either Japanese or English.
Can I enter a manga that I co-created?
Yes, you can. Please enter it into the category that applies to the oldest co-creator of the manga.
How many works can I enter?
You can enter up to five works per category.
Can I use only one entry form for the multiple works I enter?
An entry form is required for each work. If submitting digital works electronically, an entry form is unnecessary as the application form on the Niigata Manga Competition website has all of the necessary information.
Does genre matter?
No, any genre is acceptable. However, the work must be original. Parodies, fanfiction, or works that are similar to existing works are not eligible.
Can I enter even if I do not live in Niigata?
Yes, you can. Many people who live outside of Niigata have been awarded the grand prizes. We welcome entries from not only Japan but all over the world.
Can I enter a work that I have already entered into other competition?
You can, only if it has not been awarded any prizes. However, you cannot enter the work into any competition which is held at the same time as the Niigata Manga Competition. The Office of the Organizing Committee may inquire which competitions you have entered before.
Can I draw the title page in color?
Yes, you can. However, please understand that in the case your work is awarded a prize, it will be printed in black and white in the anthology.

FAQ regarding Analog Manuscripts

Can I use drawing pens or markers (such as Pigma and Procky)? And why can’t I use pencils for drawing?
You can use those pens for drawing if their ink is bold. Award-winning works will be copied and printed in the anthology and if the lines are thin and light (such as when you use a pencil, usuzumi/light Japanese ink, ball point pen, or light colored markers such as gray) they will not show up. This is why you need to use dark, bold inks. However, be sure to write dialogue and narration in pencil so it can be prepared for printing in the anthology if it wins.
Can I use screentone?
Yes, you can. Stick them on firmly so they not to come off.

FAQ regarding Digital Manuscript

Should I include the dialogue and other words in my digital work?
Yes. Please include all text in your digital manuscript.


TEL:025-226-2566 / FAX:025-226-0066 / E-mail:bunka@city.niigata.lg.jp

TEL:025-226-2566 / FAX:025-226-0066