Utilizing Manga and Anime to Develop our Community

Niigata City is a city of manga and anime and is home to a great number of famous manga artists and anime creators. Regularly held manga and anime related events such as a doujinshi market, various high school courses and vocational schools where one can learn how to create manga and anime, and the “Manga Street” in the 5th block of the Furumachi shopping district are all examples of the manga and anime bearing culture that has been nurtured here over the years.

It is because of this environment that the city established the Niigata City Manga House and the Niigata Manga Animation Museum as well as started operating the City Loop Buses which are wrapped in characters created by artists from Niigata City. Additionally, through cooperation between the city and its citizens, the Niigata Manga Competition and the Niigata Anime and Manga Festival were born to help further promote the culture of manga and anime throughout the city.

▲Niigata Manga Competition

▲Niigata Anime and Manga Festival

Who are Hanano Komachi and Sasa Dangoro?

In June, 2011, there was a search for spokes-characters who would promote Niigata as a city of manga and anime.

Despite the tough competition with 477 submissions coming from all over the country, Hanano Komachi and Sasa Dangoro were chosen.

They now travel both within and outside of the prefecture not only promoting Niigata as a city of manga and anime but also working towards the revitalization of regional industries and discovering more of Niigata's hidden charms.

■Komachi and Dangoro's Room

■Komachi and Dangoro: The Animated Series